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A Special Tea Party- Happy Mother’s Day!

Having a little person in our home reminded me of how much I love little squeals, sweet voices that grow a smile ear to ear on even the grumpiest soul. Little feet, little features, little everything. How it brings back memories from when mine were “the littles” now our eldest is taking care of “the littles”, life moves so quickly but it’s these moments that I cherish as a Mother.


Everyone enjoying the party…

sweet tea…

Even Bunny…

Tea Time

Tea Time

Photos are my friend, I thought I would remember all the special moments but what I recollect are the feelings of that time. Photos are those feelings captured as they really happened and wonderful to look back on, as time slips by.

Mint Tea made with love from seed to teacup;

A few small mint seeds, soil, water, light, patience, and a little love.

~Pick the newest leaves, they have the most flavor from the mint plant.
~ 1 Tablespoon of fresh leaves torn or 1 teaspoon for dried
~ Fill a tea ball and add hot water (herb steeps best @ 212 degrees Fahrenheit)~ Add cream or milk if you like.
(remember to let tea cool to tepid for the wee ones).
~ A small dollop of local honey to sweeten it to taste.





Friday’s with Dorie- Dieter’s Tartine


Tomato and Cucumber Tartine rachellekweymuller

Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook Around My French Table is not small nor is it a featherweight book. It has heft and substance and her work speaks for itself.

I was introduced to Dorie’s recipes a few years ago but didn’t realize just what I had stumbled upon.  I am a happy Friday’s with Dorie member, which is just a lovely way to discuss and share kitchen experiences while eating our way through Dorie’s cookbook with other food lovers from afar via the Internet.

This is such a great lunch option. There’s only one way to make it better and that would be to have the garden brimming with fresh tomatoes and cucumber…I guess a little more patience and that wish will come true, it’s only a matter of time!

Tomato and Cucumber Tartine rachellekweymuller


If you are curious about this recipe you can find it on page 38 & 39 of Around My French Table, it is super easy, quick to assemble and will transport you to summer in Paris.





Making Life a Little Sweeter through Food, Travel, and Community


Crispy-Topped Brown Sugar Bars | BCM | Tuesdays with Dorie

Who knew these would be so easy to make. I had four pages of information set before me and two recipes to make and I was done in a little over half an hour. I could make these little treats anytime on a whim because the ingredient list calls for items I regularly keep in stock in my pantry: chocolate, butter, flour, salt, vanilla, baking powder. There is just one item I may not have but will most likely add to the grocery list now to have for the “just in case” needs and sweet cravings.

A simple shortbread, then a layer of chocolate, and finally topped with… caramelized rice crispy treats. This may be my new “happy place” a buttery shortbread- gooey chocolatey middle- and crispy topping with caramel balances taste and texture.

You may need to find this sweet little treat and make some yourself!

Caramelized Crispy Bars

Buttery shortbread, Chocolate, and Caramelized Rice Crispies = Taste & Texture Balance Achieved!

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