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Tess Hoke- Garden Guru in the Methow Valley

Our Garden Guru

Tess Hoke, Local 98856

Tess Hoke is a garden savant and serves as our local expert in garden to table production and education.  In 2005, she brought her gardening knowledge to the community by establishing Local 98856 in the Methow Valley.  (98856 is the zip code for Twisp.)

Tess started an educational farm-to-table program,Locavores, with Methow Valley Community School students in 2006.  Twice per week, she enjoys lunch with the students made from the food they grew themselves.  Included in the program are classes about plants, gardening, foods, cooking and preserving.  In 2012, this curriculum was named the most innovative program in a private school by the Washington State Federation of Independent Schools.

Local 98856 is an incredible garden to visit. It features an amazing greenhouse and a gardening shop that sells seeds, plants, fruit trees, and supplies. Local also offers top-notch educational classes for kids and adults in gardening, cooking and nutrition throughout the year. With an intention of creating a sense of place through interesting architecture and gardens, the soul of Local 98856 is inspired by the local agricultural community. By sourcing its needs from the surrounding area, Local 98856 sets an example of what is possible and works to strengthen the network that keeps this area a rural and vibrant place to live and raise our children.

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