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Very Inspiring Blogger Award


The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is given to those who simply keep positively motivating readers and fellow bloggers and as the tag line states “keeping the blogosphere a beautiful place”.

Caramelize Life is happy to raise a glasses and give a shout out to Multifarious Meanderings for presenting us with this galvanic award! I enjoy reading and meandering through the blogosphere community and getting that burst of energy and inspiration from others. It’s my morning jump-start ritual to sit down latte’ in hand and wander through my favorite writers, of course after making breakfast for a crowd of hungry kids and animals, packing lunches,chauffeuring those mouths and their energetic bodies(the kids not the pets) to school, am I then able to carve out a wee bit of time to nurture me.

I am so thankful that others are inspired by Caramelize Life!



Head Shot RachelleRachelle @ Caramelize Life
Making Life a Little Sweeter through Food, Travel and Community

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