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One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award images

The One Lovely Blog Award was given by two separate bloggers World on a Platter and Rachel’s Table.   We at Caramelize Life  are thrilled to accept this lovely award.

World on a Platter writes from beautiful New Zealand weaving stories about family, food and travel. She shares delicious recipes and fun photos ta-boot!

Rachel’s Table is what we Methowites would call a Locavore. She is all about the adventures of finding, cooking, eating, and serving local, seasonal foods. Which is right up our alley! If you are in the Delaware area she has the beta on the local food scene.

We love the way this award and many others like it, connect and introduce us to new perspectives on writing, food, travel and communities. A blogging referral directory to let us know who’s out there in in the blogosphere.


Head Shot Rachelle Rachelle @ Caramelize Life
Making Life a Little Sweeter Through Food, Travel and Community

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