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How To Preserve Your Harvest and The History Behind It

Caramelize Life
canned and preserved at caramelizelife

Oh the possibilities!

There are so many ways to put up and preserve the growing seasons bounty. Whether it be through drying, freezing, canning (both water-bath or pressure), dry storage, you name it the list is almost as long as people have been practicing these techniques.  Here you will find a ever changing compilation of my discoveries as I make each recipe, dabble in their histories and bumble through my mistakes. I’ll share it all so you can learn along with me.

Fruit (even tomatoes)

Fresh Juicy Apples on The Branch


A.S. with caramelize life picking blueberries



Nectarines~ our favorite


Peaches Dried at Caramelize Life

Peaches getting ready for winter.


Pears headed for the dryer

Pears headed for the dryer


Pear Butter~Recipe~

Pear Butter made at Caramelize Life

Just Right Pear Butter


Roasted Heirlooms





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  1. I’m interested in your pesto recipes. Are you willing to share? We just put a few batches of pesto in our freezer, including sundried tomato/chipotle, kalamata/mint, and a collard/green olive. But, we’re always looking for more easy noodle toppings for a quick week-night dinner. Happy to swap.


    September 13, 2012
  2. shereelea #

    Yum, Yum, Yum is all I can say! Thank you… and thank you for the chat today……I dont have a pesto receipe but I do have a wonderful zuccinni relish receipe we inherited from friends in Mn if you would like sometime…


    September 14, 2012

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