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Our Expert Panel

We love to learn and what we find interesting and helpful, we’re happy to share with our readers. However, when we don’t have the gardening or culinary information needed, we ask our experts.

This is our panel of go to professional resources, each of whom are highly respected experts in their respective fields.  We may develop a new recipe and have a question about dietary content, so we ask our expert culinary nutritionist.  We might be gardening and get stumped by a lack of growth in a particular veggie, so we go to our master gardener.  And when it comes to growing it and cooking it ourselves with the children, we have our mothers to call–true experts in their field.
We at Caramelize Life believe that it does take a village to raise a family, and it takes a community of knowledgeable people to live sustainably.


Clinical Herbalist and Structural Medicine Specialist

Rosalee de la Forêt


Local Garden Guru- Methow Valley, WA

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Tess Hoke



Specializing in Traditional Animal Husbandry and Combining New Technology to Create Sustainable Farming Practices

Jennifer Argraves and Louis Sukovaty



Charcuterie- Custom Meats

Methow Valley Butcher | Thomson's Custom Meats

Chris Thomson


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