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The Premio Dardos Award

Premio Dardos Awarded to Caramelize Life

It is a wonderful honor to be awarded the Premio Dardos = Prize Darts (translated from Spanish). I am blushing because the meaning behind this award is beautiful. The Premio Dardos is given from one blogger to another, in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values that are transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. I thank Ailene Rhea of Incurable Wanderlust for such an honor!

Ailene Rhea of Incurable Wanderlust describes herself as a “Globetrotting Sydneysider Who Left Her Heart All Over The World | 33 Countries, 100+ Cities & Counting | Obsessed With Passport Stamps | Amateur Street Photographer | Loves A Good Malbec | Can’t Function Without A Great Cup Of Coffee |” Her posts grab the reader and I feel like I’m on the journey with Ailene.” If not that, she shares inside knowledge on the places she’s traveling and gives the reader advice from her first hand experiences.

Update: April 9th 2015

I am doubly honored today, to be nominated for this wonderful award by Christiana of Lifestyle Counter. She writes about her passions; beauty, fashion, design, books, food and audio/visual. If you are looking for new tips in any of those categories she is on top of it! She describes herself as an “Animal Lover. (Beauty Obsessed) Tomboy. Music Addict. Design Aficionado. Lacto- Ovo Pescaterian. Bookworm. Runner. Blogger. (e)Activist. Wannabe Photographer.”


Premio Dardos Awarded to Caramelize Life


There are three rules that follow this award

1. When you accept the award given please post it on your blog along with the name of of the person that has granted the award and link to his or her blog.

2. Include the image of the “Premios Dardos” in the post

3. Pay it forward and pass the award onto another 15 wonderful blogs worthy of this acknowledgement.


My favorite part! Sharing the love with other bloggers- YaY!

So this is the part where I take some quality time and ponder all the lovely blogs I have visited, which ones fit the description of the award and or get researching (a favorite task of mine) and find new bloggers who are creatively writing with a cultural, ethical, literary and personal values that move me. So this is a work in progress! Check back often for new Nominees. 








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  1. Thanks for this post. I have also just been nominated for this award and it caused me to do a little jig of excitement! It is such a beautiful way to honour fellow bloggers. I had to google other blogs to know exactly what I have to do when faced with this exciting phenomenon, and so I shall be getting on to it right now. Cheers!

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    January 26, 2015

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