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Finding the time for more fun

Are you always looking to streamline those processes that seem to take more time than they should? I remember an old college housemate describing his Dad’s ways of being efficient; he would cut, chop and eat over the sink so that his time and energy were consolidated. I aspire to that level of efficiency. However, with a family, replete with dogs, cats, a bunny and the occasional chicken or two I missed the mark on simplification in the house. Instead, I focus on making sure everything has its own place…and do my best to get them back there.

For example, I recently realized that our recycling area in the garage had become disorganized. How had I not noticed that before? Glass was mixed, different types of cardboard, colored and clear plastics all intermingled…which all adds up to a headache at the recycling center.

So naturally I decided to organize and streamline our recycling approach. I made sure I had a brochure from the center, and posted it where we have our recycle bins eliminating those frustrating times when we’ve arrived, car or truck full of recycling only to realize they are closed and we will need to return tomorrow and uh… drive around with our recycling for the next 12 hours.

Then I took photos of each bin at the Methow Recycles Center, printed them up, and attached them to corresponding bins at home, thus making it super simple for both separating at home and dumping at the recycling center.

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Now those wasted trips are a thing of the past, and our time separating the recycling is put to better use… hiking, biking, cooking, baking, kids, so many better things to be doing with that extra half hour!

But wait the fun’s not over! Next I learned that I could increase my efficiency even further by giving the guys at Recycling Roundup a call skipping the loading/unloading as well as the 40 minute round trip to the recycling center altogether. I think I just saved myself a wee bit more time… now I’m off for a bike ride!

happy organizing from R @ caramelize life

Happy organizing

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  1. shereelea #

    I have to admit I feel disorganized when things are not as efficient as they can be~I really enjoyed this article and all the good information in it. So many things I didn’t know that were available to me from Methow Recycling~thanks!


    April 21, 2012
    • RKW #

      Thank you Sheree,
      Yes Methow Recycles is a great resource as is the Recycling round up.


      April 29, 2012

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